Quero Toolbar IE add-on
I have released two new themes for the Quero Toolbar: PitchDark by Tim Banker is optimized for dark desktop themes. If Windows Visual Styles are disabled, you can also set the Windows "3D Objects" color to black (Display Properties > Appearance > Advanced). Red Cats is a sweet theme for feline lovers. Thanks to Tim Banker and Red_Fat_Lazy_Cat for letting me reuse their icons.
  • Windows Vista support
  • Banner ad blocker improved
  • Drag&Drop improved (you can now drag links from the search box to the Links bar or the Favorites folder)
  • Navigation to IPv4 addresses made easier (http prefix is not needed any more)
  • Support for IPv6 URIs
  • More consistent use of tooltips
  • Quero shortcut key (Ctrl+Q) now toggles the focus between the search box and the Web page
  • New keyboard shortcut added: Ctrl+Ins (toggles the ad blocker on or off)
  • Fixed: sporadic crash on some systems when highlighting search terms was turned on; adding a site to the allowed sites did not immediately take effect and required restarting the browser; find next occurrence on page occasionally did not immediately advance to the next occurrence; "Go to URL" function sometimes performed a search instead of going to the URL; various resource leaks closed
Since the consumer launch of Windows Vista (Webcast) is only a couple of hours away I want to share some screenshots with you. First of all it took quite a while to install Vista on a virtual machine, but the RTM version is definitely much faster and less resource hungry than all Beta builds I have seen before. And the best thing is all features of Quero including the ad blocker are working in Vista. On the other hand there are also some compatability and internal issues (bugs?) in Vista that I am trying to resolve now. Expect a Vista compatible version of Quero soon.
I have ported two popular themes from the graphic artist Everaldo, that are known from the KDE desktop, to Quero. Thanks to Everaldo for making the icons available.
  • Quick Find: find text backwards by right-clicking on the magnifying glass icon or by pressing F2
  • F3/F2 are now global shortcut keys (F3 substitutes the IE find dialog)
  • Home button added
  • Fixed: Quick Type issues on certain frame-based Web sites; IE freezed when opening a new window/tab from the context menu under certain conditions
  • Fixed in IE7: missing "Open in New Tab" entry in context menu under certain conditions
Happy holidays and a happy new year!
Happy birthday!
As a birthday present, I have updated the Quero Launcher that can tweak the user interface of IE7 and open multiple tabs from the command line now.
I am going to present Quero's anti-phishing techniques at the PST 2006 conference which is focusing on privacy, security and trust technologies and research issues. The conference will be held from 30th October to 1st November in Markham/Canada (near Toronto). I would be glad to meet you there.
Yesterday afternoon (PDT) Microsoft has released the final version of IE7 for Windows XP SP2 (English). With Quero you can customize your browser, decide whether to replace the standard navigation bar or use Quero like a search bar, find text as you type (Quick Find), fight address spoofing attacks and arm yourself against annoying ads with the integrated ad blocker.
  • Quick Type & Quick Find: instantly search, navigate and find as you type
  • Support for middle mouse button (opens the selected entry in a new window or tab)
  • Synchronized Quero's https indicator with the lock icon of IE7
  • Improved Ad Blocker (filters more dynamic content)
  • New Quero shortcut key options: Alt+D and Alt+S
  • Live Search replaces MSN Search
  • Behavior of Escape key changed (immediately displays the current URL)
  • Fixed in IE6: navigation to IDN addresses from within the Web page (this bug was introduced in version
  • Fixed: stability issues; loading settings if the Quero registry key is set to read-only
The Quero News are now offered as an RSS feed too.
The final version 3 is now available. Thank you to all the beta testers who helped me with this release. Here is a summary of the new features:
  • IE7 support (optimized for tabbed browsing)
  • Improved and now configurable Ad Blocker
  • New toolbar layout with navigation buttons
  • Quero Themes (customize the appearance of your toolbar)
  • User Agent Editor (allows you to modify the browser identification string)
  • Installer changes: Quero no longer installs itself into the Windows system directory (when upgrading the installer automatically tidys up your system directory)
  • New options: configure if you want to automatically open a search/address in a new window/tab
  • New keyboard shortcuts (Alt+Enter/Click, Ctrl+Enter/Click in context menus: open a search/address in a new tab)
  • All keyboard shortcuts are now available in the Windows 98/NT version, too.
  • IDN: Due to compatibility issues loosened requirements for legal ASCII URLs (UseSTD3ASCIIRules unset for sublevel domain labels).
  • Fixed in IE7: occasional crash when closing IE, content filter caused print preview to fail