Quero Toolbar IE add-on

One useful shortcut – you probably already know from IE – is to complete .com URLs with Ctrl+Enter. Perhaps you also noticed that by default this shortcut works a bit differently in Quero. While IE completes the URL for you by adding the prefix "http://www." and suffix ".com", Quero redirects you to the first result returned by Google. This feature, also known as "browse by name", is more powerful in my opinion as soon as you get used to it. Instead of remembering the exact URL you can rely on "simpler" keyword(s) for reaching the same site regardless of the site's TLD. Try it out!

You can also change Quero's Ctrl+Enter behavior back to IE's default or perform a search in a search engine of your choice. Please note that in Quero the actual Ctrl+Enter behavior depends on the active search profile. To customize it build a new URL template as described in my previous post. Open Quero > Options > Search Profiles, select the search profile you want to customize and click on Edit.

Use the Shift and Alt modifier keys in this scenario to open the result in a new window or tab.