Quero Toolbar IE add-on

Microsoft Edge, the official successor of Internet Explorer, has a beautifully designed new user interface and Cortana built into the address bar, but Edge does not support the privacy and advertising protection of IE if we do not demand it. Vote for TPL / adblock support in Edge.

Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan) in Windows 10 Build 10049

As the release of Windows 10 is coming closer, a lot of change is coming as well. You have probably heard of Microsoft's new strategy already to re-brand Internet Explorer and instead of releasing Internet Explorer 12, Windows 10 will include two browsers, IE11 and the now officially announced Microsoft Edge (formerly known under the cooler codename Project Spartan).

Edge is based on IE11 with most of its legacy code removed and it will completely retire the outdated ActiveX and Browser Helper Object model. Unfortunately, this means that the Quero add-on will not be compatible with the successor of IE, Microsoft Edge, any more. I knew this will come one day, since I started this project, but I did not anticipate that it will last more than a decade.

While Microsoft announced that they are working on a new add-on model, which could eventually run Chrome and Firefox add-ons, the current beta version of Edge removed support for Tracking Protection Lists (TPL) as well, which allowed add-on free (!) privacy and advertising protection in Internet Explorer.

If you also think Edge should continue to support TPLs and adblock, please vote for it now on the UserVoice website. I hope we can bring native privacy and adblock support back to Microsoft Edge.

Vote for TPL / adblock support in Microsoft Edge (Project Spartan)