Quero Toolbar IE add-on

I installed the several Gigabytes large Window 8.1 update yesterday and I am happy to announce that Quero Toolbar 7.1 is compatible with the Desktop version of IE11. The Quero AdBlock IE Tracking Protection List also supports IE11 and works both in Modern UI and Desktop IE.

Windows 8.1 + IE11 Tabs on Top with Quero Toolbar

Windows 8.1 has a lot of small but important improvements over Windows 8, such as the visible Start Button, enhanced right-click Start Menu, integrated Bing search, App List, Boot to Desktop, better transition between Touch and Desktop UI, and of course also features the new Internet Explorer 11.

IE11 brings also a lot of under the hood improvements such as new the developer tools, inspect element, support for WebGL, SPDY protocol, HTML5 pre-fetch, CSS border-image as well as other performance improvements (see full IE11 feature list). IE11 also makes it easier to toggle Tracking Protection on/off (Settings icon > Safety) and has Enhanced Protected Mode turned on by default. Interestingly, EPM does not trigger 64-bit IE any more, but IE11 now comes with a separate option (Internet Options > Advanced) to enable 64-bit IE processes.

I plan to release further Quero updates. If you like the project, please continue to support Quero and keep it alive by making a donation. Thanks!