Quero Toolbar IE add-on

Are you ready for the new Web experience with less intrusive ads, faster search and easier navigation? Quero Toolbar 4 Final is now ready for you to download.

Today is also the third birthday of Quero. Happy birthday, and thanks to everyone who helped evolve Quero by contributing feedback, suggestions, bug reports and donations. Thank you!

Important note for all beta users: Due to an internal change you have to respecify the character encoding of all search engines you added or modified in the search profile editor after updating to the final version. If supported by the search engine, Unicode is the recommended choice.

New features:

  • Customize the list of search engines with the new search profile editor
  • Navigation to local addresses made easier by appending a colon (example: localhost:)
  • Drag & Drop support for the URL icon
  • Disable search and address history separately (disabling the history now also turns off in-memory history)
  • The History pane is now accessible through the context menu of the back/forward button
  • Highlighting search terms on subsequent pages can be turned off now (option "Remember last search")
  • New keyboard shortcuts added: Alt+Q (Quero menu), Ctrl+U (view source code), Ctrl+Up/Down (select prev/next search engine), Ctrl+Shift+Q (open Quick Tabs view), Ctrl+Shift+B (view blocked content)
  • Changed keyboard shortcut for highlighting from AltGr+H to Alt+Shift+H for compatibility reasons
  • Made mouse shortcuts more consistent: changed Alt+Click to Ctrl+Click to open a new tab
  • Support for Ctrl+(Shift)+Click and middle click on back and forward button added
  • Quero Toolbar can now be accessed in windows which initially do not display a toolbar by pressing Ctrl+Q
  • Hovering the mouse over the profile name shows the list of available search profiles
  • Various toolbar operations can now be restricted by a registry setting (see FAQ)
  • Fixed: crash when ad blocker was turned on in certain scenarios; UTF-8 encoded code points above U+07FF were not correctly decoded; double clicking a URL label now also works if the URL is longer than the Quero search box
  • Fixed in IE7: crash when using the keyboard in the IE system menu; minimizing and restoring an IE window unexpectedly shifted the contents in the search box to the left (workaround for bug in IE7); workaround for mitigating the disappearing caret bug in IE7